Catalog visibility in Tutor deployed Open edX

I have noticed that the Tutor instance does not change catalog visibility if I change this in Advanced Settings. Neither “about” or “none” works and the platform continuously displays the default “both”.

Anyone with insight into the issue? I only experienced this with Tutor

Log output here at Pastebin:

tutor, version 3.8.0

@ak00001 This is a really good catch. The “course visibility in catalog” setting is not taken into account because the COURSE_CATALOG_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION and COURSE_ABOUT_VISIBILITY_PERMISSION settings are incorrectly set to the legacy default, which is see_exists. Instead, these settings should be:


As far as I understand, the native Open edX install is also affected by this issue.

Note that changes might not be immediately viewable, because of caching. Also, remember that logged-in staff users will always be able to view all catalog courses, as well as their about pages. Finally, I did not manage to hide courses from the course search ( It appears this does not use the course catalog visibility setting.

This will be fixed in the next release (3.8.1).

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Thanks @regis.
I was digging in the EdX Discussion forum and found some pointers in this direction as well. I will await the release then. :slight_smile: