Same key with different values in lms.env.json tutor plugins



created a plugin to set the above value false, which is already there in JSON file as value true, when I enable the plugin I got multiple keys in lms.env.json with the same name and different values.

Below is the plugin

name: common-features
version: 0.1.0
  common-env-features: |

Screenshot from 2021-07-10 13-07-49

As you can see in the above image there are multiple keys for ENABLE_COURSE_DISCOVERY in lms.env.json and the system is not detecting the value properly.

Is there any option to find a key and replace the value in lms.env.json and lms/ files

Are you running any other plugins?

Hi @ak00001,
I am not using any other plugins.

Using tutor version 12.0.1 (lilac)

I think you’ll find the solution to your challenge here:

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