Course prerequisites

I recently set up the latest version of Tutor. I’ve seen references in the Open edX documentation regarding course prerequisites. I’m not seeing any options to do this when going to the “Schedule & Details” page of a course. I was able to figure out how to set up subsection prerequisites, but obviously, that’s not the same thing.

I’ve seen the course milestones page on the admin interface, but I’ve been unable to find any documentation on how to properly use it.

Any help or tips are appreciated!

Hi @reallyxloco! Can you give some links to the documentation that you are referring to?

@regis Here are a couple links. Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure if the documentation is the latest or if it matches the version Tutor uses.

Specifying Prerequisite Courses and Exams

Enabling Course Prerequisites

Thanks for the links! This is very useful. It seems like enabling prerequisistes requires some modifications to the LMS and CMS settings. Do you think prerequisites should be enabled by default? If not, you should create a plugin.

I understand that building a plugin is a bit convoluted, for now. We should probably work on a more lightweight plugin system that would complement the current approach.

Is it possible to update the appropriate config files with a plugin? The Tutor docs aren’t very clear on that.

Hi Regis,

It would be great if these are enabled by default. Everyone will still be able to (de)select these options under schedule and details settings in studio.

Best regards,

Hi all, thanks for the info, we are looking to enable this feature using tutor local, the only way to enable it is creating a plugin? Or I can override the settings as described here:

thanks a lot for your help.