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I’ve setup an openedx instance using tutor, however there seems to be a problem with the course not starting properly for students and thus not tracking progress. Each time I log in with a learning account and click start course, the units are not marked as completed (green checkmark does not appear) and the course always displays “Start Course” on the first course page.

The question/score progress is working fine and counting scores for submitted questions, but as one of my teachers wants to have course prerequisites (answered here so that we got working) enabled to make sure that each unit is complete before the next section can be accessed we’re having problems as only scores are counted as completed.

Additionally it’s unsatisfactory for our students that they cannot see progress indicators like the green checkmarks.

I’ve been googling and searching here and the openedx documentation until I’m crosseyed, but I cannot seem to find any answers. Are anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Could it be an issue with the course not being self-paced?

I tested changing a course to self-paced as well on the off chance that it was related to this, but it didn’t change anything unfortunately.

@doppi Can you please post screenshots of your courses? It’s unclear to me where you expect green checkmarks to appear. Also, could you please try to reproduce the issue on the demo platform?

Hey @regis,

The exact same thing happens on the demo platform as well - for example I just cobbled together a quick test course with two sub-sections and a couple of units, and when completing the unit tit is not marked as complete with the green checkmark I would expect to see.

Sorry seems I can only post one picture per post due to being a new user so I will have to post multiple replies, my apologies.

In an edX course when you complete a unit it is ticked off as completed like this:

Additionally the course when viewed from the “Course” page always shows the “Start course” button:

Without any section progress (based on the same progress as the units I think?)

edX for comparison has “Resume course” as expected and progress checkmarks:

Hope this helps explain better what I meant

@doppi I don’t know in Juniper, but in Ironwood you need to setup a waffle flag, check this post:

I really don’t know if this is still required in juniper.

I think that is still required:

ThanksCacciaresi, that seems to have done the trick! We’re monitoring a possibility that this removed some instructor/course creator functions like the dropdown to choose how to see a course in the LMS where you choose “Staff” - “Learner” etc … but the switch enabled both the requested progress markers and the resume course button.

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This can be done from the CLI by running:

tutor local run lms bash -c "./ lms waffle_switch --create completion.enable_completion_tracking on"

Unless someone votes against this (very quickly) I’ll add the switch to the default Tutor installation, as this looks like a fairly useful feature that should be relatively uncontroversial.


Hey Regis,

I would hope nobody would be opposed to a basic feature like students being able to keep some track of their progress, I honestly thought it was baseline so I was shocked to discover it wasn’t working and thought I had done something wrong.