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Based on the lilac. Release notes

Course Dates & Milestones

When a learner reaches the end of the course, they will see a new navigation button directing them to “Complete the course” if they’ve passed or completed an audit course.

I can’t find any documentation or information on this,
Has anyone here figured out how to achieve this?

Here’s how we did it. I hope it works for you.

Set course mode (or enrolment track)

Note: we use “honor” for all courses. We don’t use “verified” etc.

See Information about enrolment tracks.

Go to: YOURURL/admin/course_modes/coursemode/

Add Course Mode (top right)

Choose a course from the drop-down list.

Mode: honor (Possibilities: audit, honor, verified, no-id-professional)

Description: Honour course mode (Does not appear on the certificate).

Price : 0

Currency : usd

Can leave the rest as defaults.


Course content (i.e. outline) visibility

Login on Studio, then go to: YOURURL/admin/waffle_utils/waffleflagcourseoverridemodel/

Add Waffle flag course override +

Waffle flag: seo.enable_anonymous_courseware_access

Course id :

(The above is part of the course URL when you are viewing the course info page).

Override choice : Force on

Enabled tick box : enabled.

IMPORTANT: On Course Advanced settings:

Course Visibility For Unenrolled Learners : "public_outline"

Certificates for this course — setup

In Studio, open course.

Settings → Certificates

Click “+ Set up your certificate” / “Edit”

Certificates detail form:

  • Course Title Override: Course title without course code
  • Certificate signatory 1: NAME OF PERSON SIGNING
  • Title:
    Their title
  • Organization: YOUR ORG NAME
  • Signature: upload sign-johndoe.png

Create / Save.

Top right, choose “honor” and click “Preview Certificate”.

IMPORTANT: Once satisfied, click “Activate”.

Enabling grading for the course

On studio Settings → Grading

Grade range

See 14.1. Set the Grade Range — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

Add certificate generation for the course run

Go to: YOURURL/admin/certificates/

Choose “Certificate generation course settings” → + Add

Course key: e.g. course-v1:YOURORG+COURSECODE+COURSERUN

Note above: You can get this key by loading the course in studio, then copying part of the URL from “course-v1:” onwards. It will look similar to the example above.

Self generation enabled: Tick


IMPORTANT NOTE : This has to be done for each course re-run!

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Thanks @HenryV but how did you enable final unit on the course which will allow student to click complete the course button ?

@ tabrezgoilkar, this continues from my previous post … Man, it was such an operation to figure this out, so I wrote my own self-guide for doing courses in the future. I hope this solves your problem.

Adding graded quiz

A graded quiz can be selected by subsection.

See 14.4. Graded Subsections — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation

Click “+ New Section” at end of course / module. Call it “Course Assessment and Certificate”.

To the heading, add these words in boldface: Note: The quiz for this module counts towards your final mark for this course.

For each graded assessment

For each of the “Assignment Type Names” defined above (e.g. “Final assessment: Part 1”), follow these steps:

Click “+ New Subsection” in the new section. Call it “Final Assessment - Part 1 (graded)”.

  • Click on the new subsection’s “gear” symbol.
  • Under “Grade as”, choose the appropriate description for this part of the assessment (e.g. “Final Assessment - Part 1”).
  • Go to “ADVANCED” tab.
  • If not the first graded subsection:
    Choose appropriate Prerequisite: the previous Assessment. Minimum Score: 40% Minimum Completion: 40%
  • Tick “Make this subsection available as a prerequisite to other content”

Click “+ New Unit”.

  • Make unit title e.g. “Final assessment - Part 1 (graded)” (same as subsection).
  • PROBLEM → “Blank Common Problem”
  • In “Editing Multiple Choice” → “SETTINGS” tab:Display name: Final Assessment - Part 1 (graded)

Maximum attempts: 1

Problem weight: [Leave empty]

Randomization: Per Student

Show answer: Never

Show reset button: False

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