Codejail plugin still not working in Maple

Lots of postings about the codejail plugin not working in Maple, sadly enough no feedback howsoever by the people (eduNEXT) that promised to have the plugin working for Maple. Also they don’t respond to issue #4 on the github project page. Seems like they abandoned completely this plugin.
Lost in the meantime many hours trying to install the thing, but couldn’t get it working.
Not a good way to promote plugin use imho… :unamused:

Hello @insad,

I’m sorry to hear this. I am the CTO at edunext and I did not know there was an issue with this plugin. I’ll talk with the team to try and get this sorted out soon.

Hello @felipemontoya,

As I understand it, I’m facing a similar problem. The types of tasks where codejail is used do not work for me. I mentioned the error in this post.

I really hope for help, since in the courses we use only python task blocks.

Hi @gorumo, you are correct. Python blocks (|longcapa/python scripts) require codejail which is not supported directly in tutor, but only via the plugin.

Some progress on this? Math problems either don’t work in Tutor for lack of codejail support, which will be a showstopper for us…

Codejail plugin is working correctly now in Maple (tested with the Demo course). Thanks very much eduNEXT!

Here interesting information for you

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Thanks for pointing to the mitx-grading-library in your plugin documentation (the sample course), this will be extremely helpful for building our courses. Didn’t even know about the existence of the same!

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