eduNEXT Codejail Tutor plugin

For those new to the topic, Codejail as a technology allows course instructors to write Python code, which runs on the Open edx servers. This ability to code is invaluable to customers who are strong in the exact sciences.

The eduNEXT team has been working on the support of the Codejail service repositories, for some Open edx versions. The repositories on GitHub are the following:

The work includes information about the use of the plugin, compatibility with some releases and quality improvements in the code.

We hope that this information is useful for you and we will be attentive to any questions that may arise.

CC @felipemontoya @mariajgrimaldi


Hi @JuanDavidBuitrago !

Do you know if this plugin will work in K8s?
Another question: where is the service to be installed? How do you connect the service and the plugin?

Hi @andres , I did manage to deploy the service in a K8S cluster. I wrote these patches to render the necesary manifests.

One issue to keep in mind is the apparmor profile. The init hook that plugin provides to load the profile on the host works well when using docker-compose but may not make that much sense in a Kubernetes context.

While reading the k8s documentation, I found several ways to load the profiles on the nodes. Because I was working on an on-premise cluster I opted to ssh on each node and manually load the profile.

And that was pretty much all I did. I did skip the init step and didn’t include a k8s-jobs patch, so it will probably throw an error. I’m not sure if there is a way to avoid the init hook when you run tutor k8s init.

This is obviously way too green at the moment, but I hope you find this comment useful. And maybe we can have a discussion about what could the best way to implement kubernetes support.

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Thanks!! I will try and let you know