Python-Evaluated Input

I’m using VPS with Ubuntu 20.04. Installed the latest Tutor version 13.1.7, according to the instructions Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation, using pip install tutor[full]

Everything works well at first glance. The site is accessible via DNS, all links and transitions work. However, I have problems with “Custom Python-Evaluated Input”. I get an error:
Error formatting HTML for problem:
cannot create LoncapaProblem block-v1:ITMO+demoX+2022+type@problem+block@59a2fa9c9c2f43c1890d7083fdd95c8e: Error while executing script code: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘TMPDIR=tmp’

I have already studied the discussion here, but as I understand it, there should be no problems with this in the latest version of Tutor. Am I wrong? How then to solve the problem?

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