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Hi all! :wave: I am looking for people to help me maintain Tutor and its plugins :people_holding_hands: I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry! But I have been in deep conversation with edX and the rest of the Open edX community with the project of making Tutor the default Open edX installation method. This project is lead by @arbrandes, who is an early Tutor enthusiast. His proposal, currently in the state of draft, can be read here: OEP-45, ADR 1: Tutor as replacement for edx/configuration by arbrandes · Pull Request #178 · edx/open-edx-proposals · GitHub

This proposal will not be a big change for existing Tutor users. But we should expect a wave of new users migrating from the native installation – and this is great news for Tutor! But I must be able to count on a reliable team of maintainers to help me provide support to these new users. Maintenance tasks include the following:

  • Answering questions on the forums
  • Triaging Github issues
  • Reviewing pull requests
  • Implementing new features and proposing bug fixes
  • Defining the project roadmap

In exchange for your contributions, we can help give visibility to your Open edX-related company and product: both in the Tutor docs and here on the forums.

There is a draft in progress to launch the maintainers program, and you can read all about it here: Creation of the Tutor maintainers program (WIP) by regisb · Pull Request #395 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

Are you interested in becoming part of the team? Please comment here or send me a private message. Comments on the PR above are welcome, too. I’m excited to bring you on board :slight_smile:


Hi @regis, I am currently working in the SRE team at eduNEXT and we are testing now Tutor as our new tool for edx services installation/deployment. Therefore, I would be glad about joining the Tutor maintainers program, thus I and the edunext team can contribute to this great project. I am going to start participating more in the discussions given here by answering questions and opening new topics according to my experience with the Tutor environment. Thanks for the opportunity and hope to hear from you soon.

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That’s awesome @eric.herrera! I am still in the process of collecting applications and will make the program more official in the coming weeks.

The program is now a reality :tada:! See the announcement and the The Tutor Maintainer Handbook.

Hi @regis!!, Accoding to our today’s meeting I was reading tutor-notes and tutor-xqueue and I would like to join the team as developer to work on it, so I’ll be attending your comments and next steps and let’s do it!! Regards

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