Announcing... the Tutor Maintainers Program!

Here it comes! After my call for volunteers, many of you applied, which was heartwarming :hugs:

Thus, I’d like to ask the following people to step forward: @amraotkar, @BbrSofiane, @eric.herrera, @Kalyan, @nadheemabdulla, @pcliu, @TimothyJAndrus. I invite you to take a look at the The Tutor Maintainer Handbook and to follow the steps to join the program :slight_smile:

Did I forget to add your name to the initial list of maintainers? Please don’t take it personally :bowing_man: My inbox is a mess, and I received applications via personal messages, email, Slack and LinkedIn… Please follow the regular process to apply, described in the handbook.

Again, I’m really happy to welcome you to the team! Please make yourself at home :house: I am looking forward to your suggestions and contributions.