Tutor Long Term Support (LTS) licenses now available πŸ’«

Tutor Long Term Support (LTS) licenses are now available to the general public! :partying_face: :champagne: https://overhang.io/tutor/lts/

This commercial version of Tutor includes unlimited online support, as well as 2-year guaranteed support of every Open edX release. For instance, Ironwood will be supported for two years after the Juniper release comes out, leaving you plenty of time to upgrade your customized platform.

In the very near future, premium plugins will be included for advanced usage, such as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), metric monitoring and log collection.

We designed Tutor LTS as an answer to the many requests for support that we have been receiving via these forums, email and even whatsapp or direct phone calls :sweat_smile: With Tutor LTS, anyone can now get started with Open edX knowing that they can rely on professional assistance in case of trouble.

Enjoy! And as usual, we are very much open to comments :wink:


Hi @regis
I understand that tutor LTS licenses is email support for questions to set it up and run the tutor platform on production. Is there any other service on the top of that?

Hi @roberto! To recap, Tutor LTS comes with:

  1. Email support
  2. 2-year support of named releases
  3. Premium plugins: those were not released yet, and will be geared towards more reliable production deployments. We expect to release premium plugins for infrastructure monitoring, log collection, CI/CD, error aggregation, etc.
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While I do like the prospect of some issues being hashed out over e-mail, would it be possible to also have a dedicated forum (maybe category) for LTS customers? I like being able to share solutions and problems with the community, but sometimes it can get a bit noisy out in the open :wink:

@ak00001 Sure thing! I created a new category: https://discuss.overhang.io/c/tutor-lts/7