The logo does not convert to https:// and for that reason, the SSL is NOT SECURE

II installed and configured an SSL in my server, everything is working perfectly but for some reason, the image of the logo does not change to https:// and the URL appears like is not SECURE.
I changed the default image (logo) by my own image but the issue still persists.
Please can somebody give an orientation about this issue?

Hi @herwingrodriguez! I don’t quite understand.

  1. Where is this logo supposed to appear? There are many places with a logo, both in the lms and the cms, and it’s difficult to debug this if we don’t know which image is served from http.
  2. You replaced the logo with your own, but how? What did you do exactly?

Hi @regis thanks for your answer
Before I changed the logo, the issue was the same, I mean the error of the https:// in the image, So I decided to change the logo with my own image using this tutorial: but unfortunately the issue is the same.
After installing the SSL Certificate in the Website for some reason just one image appears like does not change from http:// to https://
You can verify my site:
The certificate says that is not secure because our site has an image with an http:// instead of https://
I do not understand why all the images in the admin work properly, you can visit the URL
The issue is that the Certificate is not secure.

Ok so:

  1. The logo is the one that appears in the footer.
  2. You followed the logo customisation tutorial
  3. You are using tutor behind a web proxy with a custom ssl certificate.

None of this was obvious in your question or your follow-up comment. Please be more specific next time?

The footer logo is behaving differently from the rest because edx-platform relies on a funky _footer_logo_img function:

It’s difficult for me to reproduce your use case. The is_secure parameter is supposed to be True, so I don’t know why it returns an http url. Also, the FOOTER_ORGANIZATION_IMAGE setting is supposed to be properly defined. I suggest you try to open a python shell in your lms container and debug this function.