Open edx settings

I am new to tutor and open edx as well.
I am trying to figure out how to set a simple setting such as ENABLE_SPECIAL_EXAM in open edx

Open edx documentation says it should be set in the cms.env.json and lms.env.json

Can anyone point me to the right steps to change the setting of Open edx in tutor

These types of settings can be changed by making a plugin for tutor.
See previous discussions here:

And documentation here:

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This is correct. Let me just re-iterate that we are working on a new, more streamlined plugin system that will make it much easier to make small changes to the platform, such as customized settings.


Guys, you might be interested to know that today’s release (v3.11.0) extends the concept of plugin to create plugins as simple, flat YAML files:

In particular, it’s now extremely easy to customise the edx-platform settings, as described in the example. As a bonus, it’s also very easy to share plugins with other people.

Please let me know what you think!

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