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Is there a list of the possible “patch” configurations/corresponding files?

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@regis while creating a plugin it can be useful to have a complete list of possible patches. I thought about this while creating a plugin.

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The thing is that if we were to list all the {{ patches ... }} entrypoint we would also need to document them and explain what they do. This would lead to plugin developers blindly following the docs, and not trying to understand what the patches actually do, and this would be problematic.

Maybe we could document the most important patches, such as openedx-common-settings and common-env-features. Meanwhile, you can simply use git grep in the tutor repo:

git grep "{{ patch" -- tutor/templates

Alternatively, here is the result list, from github:✓&q={{+patch+repo%3Aoverhangio%2Ftutor+path%3A%2Ftutor%2Ftemplates&type=Code&ref=advsearch&l=&l=

I understand that sentiment. However, I think it would be useful if, like you suggest, the most important patches are documented to some extent. For instance, one could give an example in regards to activating some of the most commonly used features, such as SSO.

Maybe adding documentation on how to look for the possible patches is enough.

Sorry to jump into the discussion. First of all, thanks for the fantastic work. I’m new to this platform, trying to develop some test tutor plugins, but something always goes wrong. for example
<< raise TemplateNotFound (template)
jinja2.exceptions.TemplateNotFound: wagtail / hooks / lms / init >> (most common)
I need some more documentation for that. Thanks in advance.
Murat :slight_smile:

Hi @murat-polat! Your plugin is declaring the lms/init entrypoint but does not have the templates/wagtail/hooks/lms/init file. Check the docs:
Did you use the plugin cookiecutter to create your plugin?
Also, you should take a look at the source code other plugins to understand how they are constructed. See for instance:

In the future, please don’t hijack other people’s conversations. Instead, create a new topic.

Hi Regis,
Thanks for good explanation, and sorry for hijack other people’s conversations :slight_smile: next time I will remember that. Thanks…

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