Multi-site / tenant support


I setup a Tutor install on AWS using guide here :

I’m now looking at adding multi-site/config to this setup. I’m not clear how being inside Tutor impacts how Open Ed X works / gets setup? I’m referring to the basic info found here.

From my understanding the Tutor quick start script creates a single site for you based on your inputs. However when I look under the Django admin pages then I see a single entry for example…com (which doesn’t match my domain), and nothing under the site config settings.

Can I just create new sites and configure as for vanilla Open Ed X install, and if so how does the domain / port resolution work - given there are multiple LMS/Studio etc domains?
o I need to add some of this info to the Tutor config?

Any general guidance would be a great help !



Hi @Rickety,
Tutor does not support multiple Open edX sites. To be honest, I always considered that multiple sites are a terrible practice: they were created because it’s always been difficult to launch multiple platforms on a single server – that is, until Tutor appeared. With Tutor, it’s now possible to launch multiple platforms side by side on the same server: Thus, multi-site installs do not make much sense anymore, in my opinion.

Thanks for the clarification, appreciate those points. I’ll bare them in mind.