Multi-site / multi-tenancy

Hello @regis,

In this thread, you indicate that tutor does not support multi-site.

In fact, do you mean that tutor does not support it and this configuration cannot be handled with tutor, or you don’t recommend this kind of configuration but it can be achieved with tutor?

If it can’t be achieved, what’s your recommendation in order to deploy multiple platforms in a k8s deployment and optimize the costs of the infrastructure? It could be a good layout one k8s’ namespace per site?



Hi @jboo, I was asking myself the same thing, hopefully @regis could explain it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jboo,
My initial statement was confusing. Let me clarify: multi-site with Tutor can probably be achieved, but certainly not out of the box, and I never attempted it myself. If you manage to implement a plugin that allows you to achieve what you want, please report it here. If you need extra patches to be added to the Tutor templates in order to facilitate the creation of your plugin, I’ll be happy to oblige and to create them. for you.

If you implement multi-site, you will at the very least have to patch the Caddy configuration. If you use ecommerce/discovery you will also probably have to do a slightly awkward sing-and-dance to everything to work the way you like. I have no idea what further changes would be required.

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