Minio plugin job error

After enabling minio plugin in tutor release 12.0.2 using k8s deployment it seems we faced an issue with minio job running ?

mc: <ERROR> `sh` is not a recognized command. Get help using `--help` flag.
Did you mean one of these?

This is almost certainly a bug that was introduced in this recent “fix”: fix: empty entrypoints in docker-compose=2.0.0.beta4 · overhangio/tutor@6f04223 · GitHub
@imantaba would you like to open an issue in the tutor-minio repo? Please link to this conversation.
Meanwhile, if I’m right, you can bypass the problem by downgrading Tutor to v12.0.1.

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I am proposing a fix here: Revert "fix: empty entrypoints in docker-compose=2.0.0.beta4" by regisb · Pull Request #470 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

cc @ak00001 Unfortunately this fix breaks compatibility with docker-compose 2.0.0.beta4. The empty entrypoint issue that you reported before (here) is actually an upstream issue that is being tracked here: docker compose run --entrypoint="" not clearing entrypoint · Issue #1848 · docker/compose-cli · GitHub I strongly recommend that you downgrade back to docker-compose v1, which is the latest stable release.

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