Undefined ENTRYPOINT throws error in Docker-Compose 2.0.0-beta.4

An unintended update of Docker Desktop for Mac got me to version 3.5.1 with docker-compose 2.0.0-beta.4

Upon running “tutor local quickstart” - the initiation of mysql fails with “services.mysql-job.entrypoint must be a string …
Error: Command failed with status 15”

Since it’s already undefined, my solution was to remove the whole line. Any unknown or unintended consequences?

@ak00001 I can’t for the life of me remember why I added this empty entrypoint to the mysql container. It probably has to do with the fact that I could not run sh -e -c "..." job commands without it. But if there used to be an issue, then I can’t reproduce it.

This change was introduced by the following commits:

I opened a PR to address this issue: fix: empty entrypoints in docker-compose=2.0.0.beta4 by regisb · Pull Request #464 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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