Localization not works perfect

In a fresh tutor install, I tried language code de-de and zh-tw, both in openedx-i18n projectproject, some strings are not translated, like sign in ,

How to solve this ? Thanks in advance, this trouble have made me unhappy for many days. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @teruun! This is an Open edX issue. Some of the strings in the js code are not fully translated. The localized strings that you are looking for should be in lms/static/js/i18n/*/djangojs.js. I believe these files should be generated automatically with some command, but I have no idea which one. Maybe try your luck on the Open edX forums?

There are must be plenty of non-english sites are using tutor and open edx, and they must have correct localization. So how to do it in a standard way? I think there must be a tribial solution but I can’t find out. I tried commands in order to find out a solution with open edx devstack but facing tons of problems, I would rather come back here and ask for help. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @teruun! I finally found some time to investigate this. There is not one, not two, but three issues associated with this problem:

  1. The djangojs.js files that were released as part of Ironwood are not up-to-date: not just for the custom locales downloaded from openedx-i18n, but also for the default locales shipped with edx-platform. So to answer your question: no one is running Open edX with Ironwood with a fully localized platform, yet.
  2. We did not generate the “djangojs.js” files for the custom locales that were downloaded from openedx-i18n and shipped with the “openedx” docker image in Tutor. This explains the issues you encountered with the de-de locale.
  3. Some strings from the sign-in form are still not properly translated for some of the languages. This is the case, for instance for the “First time here?” string in zh-tw.

I addressed issues 1 and 2 in the latest Tutor release (v3.11.7) which will come out in a few minutes. By the way, this release will include more and better localized strings than any other Open edX Ironwood platform, including those deployed with the native installation scripts. The reason for that is no other script runs compilejsi18n as part of its deployment process (AFAIU).

Unfortunately, issue 3 still depends on the work of the translators on Transifex. If you’d like to contribute some Ironwood translations, I’ll be happy to update the openedx-i18n repository to include the most recent strings.

All the details are available in this commit message: https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/commit/1c22ade57917b9a854ef79e442ebfead4a1d2655

I’m posting below screenshots of the sign-in form in the updated (v3.11.7) platform with different locales.





You are amazing! Thanks for your work. I am really happy today.

I looked at your commit, though not much codes, but I can’t understand. How can I be so cool like you?

And for contributing to translations, I am localizing it into traditional mongolian, and it is even not in open edx as a language, I will consider it after my project can run smoothly.


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