Integrate big blue button with tutor instance?

Hi. I want to integrate Big Blue button with tutor instance of open edx. Can any one guide me how to do this?

Sure thing. You can configure BBB as an LTI tool.

See these documentations:

Best of luck.

You may watch this video too

Hi. I have integrated Big Blue Button with tutor. But it is showing “Attendee” for all learners. How can I show student’s name?

In my setting updating lti-consumer did not solve the “attendee” problem and I edited using sudo nano /edx/app/edxapp/venvs/edxapp/lib/python3.5/site-packages/lti_consumer/ for sending the parameters, see the following;

    if callable(self.xblock.runtime.get_real_user):
        real_user_object = self.xblock.runtime.get_real_user(self.xblock.runtime.anonymous_student_id)
        self.xblock.user_email = getattr(real_user_object, "email", "")
        self.xblock.user_username = getattr(real_user_object, "username", "")
        user_preferences = getattr(real_user_object, "preferences", None)
        user_full_name = "Attendee"
            user_full_name =
        except Exception as e :
            print("lti exception {}".format(str(e)))

        if user_preferences is not None:
            language_preference = user_preferences.filter(key='pref-lang')
            if len(language_preference) == 1:
                self.xblock.user_language = language_preference[0].value

    if self.xblock.ask_to_send_username and self.xblock.user_username:
        lti_parameters["lis_person_sourcedid"] = self.xblock.user_username
    if self.xblock.ask_to_send_email and self.xblock.user_email:
        lti_parameters["lis_person_contact_email_primary"] = self.xblock.user_email
    if self.xblock.user_language:
        lti_parameters["launch_presentation_locale"] = self.xblock.user_language
    if self.xblock.ask_to_send_username and self.xblock.user_username:
        lti_parameters["lis_person_name_full"] = user_full_name

Thank you for reply. It worked.

Hi everybody,
i want to integrate bbb with tutur instance , should i install bbb on a server or just install bbb-lti module.
thank you in advance