Install Cairn for Koa

I just activated license for our openEdx-Koa (Tutor-v11.2.5) and installed Cairn.
but seems “tutor license install tutor-cairn” installed the latest Cairn for lilac.
and the Cairn could not be enabled for tutor-v11.2.5.
Can I install another Cairn version for Koa?

$ tutor license install tutor-cairn
*/usr/bin/pip3 install --index-url=************************************/lilac --extra-index-url= tutor-cairn*
*Looking in indexes: ..../tutor/lts/repo/32fe56c5-c572-4f8a-b402-2e9f935d7547/lilac,*
*Collecting tutor-cairn*
*  Downloading .../tutor/lts/repo/32fe56c5-c572-4f8a-b402-2e9f935d7547/lilac/%2Bf/8e6/0dd6063530aae/tutor-cairn-12.0.13.tar.gz (30 kB)*
*  ..........*
*  Installing collected packages: tutor-cairn*
*    Running install for tutor-cairn ... done*
*Successfully installed tutor-cairn-12.0.13*
$ tutor plugins enable cairn
*Error: plugin 'cairn' is not installed.*

Hi @Xuebo! The version of cairn that is installed should match the version that you have locally. Can you please check the tutor version with tutor --version? Also, what is the output of tutor plugins list?

hi @regis The tutor version is v11.2.5 for Koa.
$ tutor --version
tutor, version 11.2.5
$ tutor plugins list

@Xuebo, based on your answer I understand there is a bug in the tutor-license plugin. You should have tutor-license<12.0.0. Could you please install tutor-license v11? To do so, run pip 'install tutor-license<12.0.0'. Then install tutor-cairn v11 with tutor license install tutor-cairn and enable the plugin with tutor plugins enable cairn.

Thank you. I’ve got cairn v11 installed successfully.

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