Course links form dashboard not working

Hello, So when a learner accesses their dashboard and clicks on a course link, they are directed to a page that says the course cannot be found. This happens for every course. I imported the demo course and it continues to happen. I copied the link that clicking on a course in the dashboard directs you to. It seems to have something to do with the “None” that you see in the URL below. I am unsure what this value is supposed to be or how to change it. This None value also shows up on my certificates


I have posted this question in OpenEdx forums but it seems Tutor has a different setup. The suggested answer there was to update LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL to some value, however I do not see this in my tutor instance.
My tutor version is 13.1

What is the output of tutor plugins list? The “mfe” plugin should be enabled. Please check this other topic for more information: Course Page Not Found In Maple Release

I enabled mfe according to the instructions here and the url stopped showing None. However, now it says server not found when I click the link. The url changed from https://HOST/None/COURSE_LINK to https://apps.HOST/None/COURSE_LINK

The apps.HOST domain name must point to your server. Did you configure your DNS records? Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation

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