Configure Jupyter Notebook Viewer with tutor

Hi all,

we are trying to install jupyter notebook viewer ( with tutor but didn’t succeed. we are following the steps provided in

As part of the jupyter notebook viewer installation steps, it need to edit * /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/lms/ and /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/cms/ . We are unable locate these files. If anyone have knowledge to install this, please share some inputs.

Hi @iamsumesh! You should know that you are not the first one to try to install the Jupyter viewer XBlock. See for instance:

The instructions listed in the xblock repo are for the native install, only. You will need to adapt those instructions to work with Tutor.

I believe you should open an issue on the xblock repo, asking to migrate to the Open edX plugin architecture – that way, you would not have to modify the files yourself. Take a look at the edx-platform documentation for reference:
The figures plugin is an application that implements this plugin architecture, for instance.

How did you go with this? Anything to share with the rest of us? :smiley: