Question about Jupyter grader/viewer xblock support

Hi all,

I’ve been asked by a client to install the following xblocks in our tutor environment:

The viewer seems pretty straight forward to install with some minor modifications to our fork, but the installation steps for the ‘grader-xblock’ raises some concerns that I was hoping to get some clarification on if possible.

Regarding the grader xblock here are my general concerns:

  1. The description of the plugin states that it is generating docker containers for each student accessing notebooks, Does tutor support this? i know docker doesn’t tend to like nested containers, and the setup steps appear to require an install of docker-ce, so i’m not sure if there are additional steps needed to utilize this xblock within tutor, or if this is just allowing the plugin to execute in the parent docker environment.

the following two items may be better asked elsewhere, but in the event anyone knows off hand or has successfully installed the jupyter-edx-grader-xblock in tutor:

  1. During the installation there appears to be a migration utilizing ‘… cms migrate settings=aws’ is this signaling a dependency on amazon web services, if so this work order may be over before it started.

  2. Referencing the following issue on the tutor site from earlier this year which appears to have terminated without a conclusion after the creator was testing something (which is normally a good thing right? …optimism…):

  • https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/issues/84
    the xblock was at that time just releasing with edx - hawthorn support which appears to also be backwards compatible. but what about the future… Again, this is probably better asked elsewhere, but does anyone know off hand if this is supported by the ironwood release?

If it helps, My current environment is utilizing:
Ubuntu 18.04
Tutor 3.3.4

Any information is appreciated.