Www Forwarding to Studio Regardless of CNAME

I have my DNS records set for forward our domain + www (www.domain) to the domain. The same for the studio domain.

But even so, when trying to go to www.domain.tld, it seems the server pushes them over to the studio. This is obviously very confusing to the user.

My question is whether I can fix this with DNS or if something needs to change on the Tutor web server side.

You shouldn’t have to change any of the Nginx configs inside of Tutor unless you are using it behind a web proxy. Are you sure that your LMS_HOST and CMS_HOST values are correct in your config.yml?

One reason this may be happening is because of the way Nginx handles pathing. See http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/request_processing.html

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Here are the domains I have in my config.yml file:

CMS_HOST: studio.online.letumongolia.net
LMS_HOST: online.letumongolia.net

On my DNS provider I have two A records for my domain as you would expect:

Host: online
IP: server ip

Host: studio.online
IP: server ip

And two CNAME records:
Host: www.online
Target: online.letumongolia.net

Host: www.studio.online
Target: studio.online.letumongolia.net

I’ve managed both Nginx and Apache servers before and have seen this behavior. It’s generally due to the virtual server not having a record and it shunts you over to the default.

Would setting up SSL again perhaps do the trick? Since typically Let’s Encrypt does an auto-config I assume that’s how Tutor works as well.

What you want to do is to configure Nginx to permanently (301) redirect www.online.letumongolia.net to www.online.letumongolia.net and www.studio.online.letumongolia.net to studio.online.letumongolia.net. This must be done at the level of the Nginx server. Tutor by itself does not implement that.