Which docker container should I modify to add a theme?

I want to add the Indigo theme to my virgin openedx running on tutor. As per these instructions I have to build the theme and move it to the edx-platform/themes folder.

Unfortunately, there are 4 openedx containers available inside docker: tutor_local_cms_1, tutor_local_lms_1, tutor_local_cms-worker_1, tutor_local_lms-worker_1.

which of these 4 containers should I build the theme on to have it available throughtout the platform?

Following the readme page for indigo, its clear that you don’t build the theme in any one container, but you build it with tutor in the tutor environment and save it in tutor config printroot. The command to rebuild the openedx images (tutor images build openedx) takes charge of making the theme available to all openedx containers, I think.

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