Want to pin a private repo to a commit or tag in private.txt

I’d like to pin some 3rd party Django apps to a specific commit sha or tag in private.txt. The repos are all private so I’ve cloned them to $(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/requirements

The apps install fine when not pinned but when I use:

-e ./<django app>@<commit sha>


-e ./<django app>@<tag>

tutor images build openedx fails with:

ERROR: ./<django app>@<commit sha> is not a valid editable requirement. It should either be a path to a local project or a VCS URL (beginning with svn+, git+, hg+, or bzr+).

Is it possible to pin when using private repos?


Hi @dcadams! To the best of my knowledge, it is unnecessary to pin locally-cloned repositories because they already come with a pinned version number (indicated in setup.py). But maybe I misunderstood your question?

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