Want to customize Tutor Indigo Theme But team struck

Hi All,
We have tried to change Tutor Indigo theme and wanted to import components from this theme

we are trying from last few Days but facing few Problems. Can we use css instead of SASS in home page design.
Q1. We wanted to change home page of student side and service section. Out team successfully added the content into the home page but not able to use this type of design issue due to CSS and SASS.
Q2. How we can call JS script in these pages in home page we wanted to call around 7 JS files. I have gone through all Discussion forum but not found any solution. I will create a Tutorials and share it with community so this problem solved for all people once for all.

So sorry I am tagging and its unforgivable offense but i have tried all possible things but not found any solutions i have 126 people forked it and i have gone through each and everyone repo but not found anything useful that’s why I am tagging you, please spare few min from your busy schedule once i will complete i will share whole tutorial with the community.
@regis , @BbrSofiane

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