Versioning convention for tutor

I wonder if there’s a versioning convention for tutor. I know the major version number is for edx (11 for koa, 12 for lilac, 13 for maple etc), but how about the second version number? I noticed that usually, it comes with breaking changes, but I do notice that there’re breaking changes with the second version number not added (Release v12.1.5 (2021-10-25) · overhangio/tutor · GitHub), and also, they’re also second version number added without breaking changes(Release v11.1.0 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub). Is there some kind of standard for it? How “breaking” do the breaking changes need to be? From my point of view, maybe the second version number is better for edx also (like in Release v11.2.0 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub). Would 11.1 for koa.1, 11.2 for koa.2, 11.3 for koa.3 be better?

Hi! Yes, there is a versioning convention in Tutor, it’s described here: Tutor development — Tutor documentation

That would probably be a mistake… Given how many changes were there, we should have tagged 12.2.0.

I don’t remember the exact reason, but my guess is that the large amount of changes decided us to create a new major version.

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