Using Tutor --> Why can people skip questions?

Hi all,

I am using Tutor and thus far it has been amazing with the easy setup and speed.
However, the one thing I try to change is the fact that when you have several units in place containing problems (questions), students can just skip through all the units.

Do you guys know any option to make somebody answer a question first, unlocking the next question?
I’m trying to make people answer and think about a question, wait till they succesfully answer the question, then unlock the next one. Now, they can just “skip” through the whole course.



Hi @Rydersz !
I don’t know if you are already aware of it, but we can use a subsection as a pre-requisite for the next subsection. Meaning students won’t be able to skip and the Subsection-B will only be unlocked if the student completes Subsection-A with certain percentage of marks.

Hi Nadheem,

Thanks for the info! I enabled the option and restarted my server.
However; it doesnt seem to work correctly. For example, I have course A and B.
I set course A as a pre-requisite for course B. However, students/learner accounts can still directly access the page. Strange thing is; when I preview the page in staff mode it shows a warning saying that it IS a locked section. I’ve played around with the percentages but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Hi Nadheem, I got it working!
Enabling the pre-requisite option and the milestones application did it for me.
Thanks for the support!!

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