Using S3 without minio


I’m trying to set up S3 as a filesystem for my tutor installation on k8s. I’ve seen comments on this issue before but I don’t understand why I have to install another service like MinIO. Is there any way to use S3 directly without any third party service?


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Hi @bilalunal! You don’t have to use MinIO to store assets on S3, it’s just that I did not develop an official S3 plugin for Tutor. @arbrandes and @fghaas have developed their own plugin, which is inspired from the minio plugin: GitHub - hastexo/tutor-s3 Maybe you can try it out?


Hi @regis thanks for your reply. I am trying to understand logic behind this process. As far as I know when you upload from a file from studio this file goes to mongo db and I can reach this file via mongo later.

Does minio or s3 add-on replace this logic and write uploaded files to s3 bucket instead of local filesystem or did I misunderstood logic here.


This is incorrect. In general, files uploaded to studio are stored as media assets. Depending on your configuration, this can be the local filesystem (the default), MinIO (with the tutor-minio plugin) or something else. There are few cases, such as xblock assets, where files are stored in Mongodb.