Using Cairn to see student engagement

We are implementing Cairn for Open edX, and I’ve been reviewing the included dashboard. It has good data from a course perspective, but I am wondering whether Cairn includes any built in student-focused dashboard(s). I am specifically looking for student engagement data–which pages has a particular student viewed, which problems have they attempted, what were their scores, etc.

Hi @mike.hassett! Cairn does not ship with such built-in dashboards yet. It’s definitely possible to build them yourself, but I understand that it would be much more convenient to have them baked in.

That being said, Cairn was not designed to provide access to students. What did you have in mind to display dashboards to students?

My apologies for creating confusion. We aren’t looking for student-facing dashboards/reports, we are interested in faculty-facing dashboards that show individual student engagement data. A sample use case: A struggling student schedules a meeting with their instructor for help. The instructor goes into the dashboard before the meeting to see how much of the course the student has engaged with and how they’ve done on the problems they’ve attempted.

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