Usage tips on ecommerce plugin


I have created a tutor deployment for my friend, musician Valdir Verona, sell his classes and songbook lessons. (BTW, he is one of the finest Brazilian folklore musicians. His work is shown here:

I have installed plugins commerce and wagtail. At the CMS I am adding his regular content and we have moved his courses from a previous moodle site to edx.

I am a bit late and have not played yet on commerce plugin, and would like opinions if I am choosing the right path or not.

The idea is to have courses displayed on commerce store as anonymous (the default install tries to first login users at edx) and just when user wants to buy something, register itself.
Also, I need to add other products in store that are not related to an edx course. Products will be digital content (downloads), books, CD’s, merchandise and tickets.

Is it a regular use of the commerce plugin or would it need customization?
I appreciate any tips/ideas on this.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

I think this might be possible by creating a course with anonymous access.
Then, users will have to register to actually sign-in to the course.

As far as I know, this is not possible with Open edX ecommerce; you will need to setup a separate solution for that.

(btw it’s awesome to be able to work on Tutor while listening to the music of a Tutor user :wink:)