Upgrading koa to lilac: missing MFE_HOST param

For upgrading from koa to lilac, you’ll need to add manually a key ‘MFE_HOST’ to config.yml (I set it same as LMS_HOST).

Else on ‘tutor local quickstart’ you get an error:

Error rendering patch ‘openedx-lms-production-settings’ from plugin ecommerce
Error rendering template apps/openedx/settings/lms/production.py
Error: Missing configuration value: ‘MFE_HOST’ is undefined

When you run the ecommerce plugin, you now also need to enable the MFE plugin: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-ecommerce: Ecommerce plugin for Tutor
That’s because the ecommerce plugin now depends on two micro frontends. Enabling the MFE plugin should resolve your issue.

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Indeed activating the mfe plugin solves this problem. Thanks for your support, a lot of good and hard work from your side!

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