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I am working on upgrading our site from Lilac to Maple, and running into a few issues. First our courses were returning 404’s. I finally figured out that I didn’t have the new mfe plugin enabled, so I enabled that, and reran tutor local quickstart -I which looks like it built the new container during the quickstart process, however now none of our courses are showing up, and working on adding a local user, since it looks like so SAML config isn’t active currently on the site (button disappeared on the login page).

Are there any other steps we should be following other than the following?

sudo pip install tutor==v13.0.3 (version from https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/releases)
tutor local stop
    sudo rsync -avr "$(tutor config printroot)"/ /tmp/tutor-backup/
tutor plugins enable mfe
tutor config save
tutor images build openedx
tutor local upgrade


I’m trying to determine if I’m seeing the same thing as you. Are you saying none of the courses show up in studio, or none show up for students? (Because for me they all show up, but some can’t be entered into as a student after the upgrade.)

I can see courses in Studio, but none on the LMS side from the public view.

I think I got it working for my test site, after enabling the mfe plugin.

I wish django wasn’t so URL specific with settings.

for our primary site we have the following in the Site Configuration:

    "course_org_filter": "NLA",

I am wondering if because "ENABLE_PROFILE_MICROFRONTEND": "true" was added in the background to all of the sites, it didn’t fallback to a “default” value? When I added the course_* values they showed up again on the LMS side of things.

Same thing with SAML, so I think I am good. Just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything else though, since the MFE wasn’t talked about in the upgrade messages, or the release notes for Tutor, on GitHub or anywhere that I could find.

Make sure you run tutor local quickstart.

The local upgrade command will only perform the upgrade of a few services – and in the case of Maple, this command is actually a no-op. Maybe that the docs are not clear enough Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation

With Tutor, it is very easy to upgrade to a more recent Open edX or Tutor release. Just install the latest tutor version (using either methods above) and run the quickstart command again. If you have customised your docker images, you will have to re-build them prior to running quickstart.

Thank you @regis.

I did notice that my Mongo container just keeps restarting, after doing the upgrade from Lilac. Any ideas?

Here are the logs from the container


I found this in another thread, and this helped. I don’t think I missed this, but may have done tutor config save before doing quickstart, so it couldn’t detect it was doing the upgrade by default… I think the newer directions for upgrades helped explain that when I went through the upgrade again this morning

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