Update underscore template in comprehensive theming

Hi, I want to update static/discussion/templates/search.underscore file in my theme, does that possible? Just coping and editing this file seems make no difference in tutor development mode, any way to work around this? Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!

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I honestly have no idea if this is possible or not. Maybe you can ask on the Open edX official forums? https://discuss.openedx.org/

Thanks, I asked on the forum and got some replies, haven’t got answer yet.

When I in development mode and tutor dev watchthemes is running, I added the underscore file (in fact I added a whole folder ./lms/static/discussion in my theme), but watchtheme doesn’t detect any change, so I think this might be an issue ?

If you modify a different static file, then assets will be re-compiled. After that, are the changes you made to the underscore file taken into account?