Unit tests improvements for Tutor

Hello and thanks for the wonderful library. I just started out on looking at the entirety of the code repository and finish watch some of your live streaming records.

I wish to contribute to this library by writing some unit tests and improve the overall code coverage for the codebase. Here are the changes I have done on my current branch.

Fixed some errors that I found when testing all the features for docker compose and k8s.

Do we want more unit tests?


When do we want them?


Seriously @takato1314, yes we would be very happy that you make a pull request with better test coverage. Writing unit tests is a thankless task that very few developers try to tackle, so thank you very much for your efforts :slight_smile:

Thanks @regis. I have send the PR for #541. Btw, I do notice that the one of the latest changes in the current master branch has failed tests on it and I have fixed it on my branch via #5. Was curious if the test pipeline is not working at the moment?

That’s great, thanks @takato1314.

I do believe that the tests that are failing are precisely some tests that you added yourself, so they did not run in CI, yet.

I just finished all the required changes for the PR. Can you perhaps have another review of the PR?

Hi @regis , just fyi that I will be free around this week if you require more changes for my side. Just let me know if there’s anything you need me to change/remove from the PR.

Happy new year. Just to informed that I have resolved the conflicts from latest master and also reverted those remaining unresolved comments in the PR.

Thanks @takato1314! I have also returned from holidays and will have more time to have a look at your PR :slight_smile:

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