Unable to set a theme


I faced a problem when trying to activate a custom theme in /admin. When I approached logs, I saw this

lms_1             |   File "/openedx/edx-platform/openedx/core/djangoapps/theming/helpers.py", line 261, in get_theme_base_dir
lms_1             |     dir=get_theme_base_dirs(),
lms_1             | ValueError: Theme 'custom-theme' not found in any of the following themes dirs, 
lms_1             | Theme dirs: 
lms_1             | [Path(u'/openedx/themes')]
lms_1             | 2019-04-14 13:21:07,547 ERROR 866 [openedx.core.djangoapps.theming.helpers] helpers.py:225 - Theme not found in any of the themes dirs. [Theme 'custom-theme' not found in any of the following themes dirs,

my openedx/themes has the structure as in the repo: https://github.com/suessmann/my-theme-edx/ . I directrly followed this article https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/customise.html
my admin panel looks like that:

What am I missing here?

It solved trivially, I just had to stop and start tutor manually, but not just to reboot it :slight_smile:

I love it when users find the solution to their own problems :slight_smile: would you change the documentation in any way to make it clearer on that point?

Yeah, I think it’s better to explicitly mention that. From my point of view, there was no difference between ‘restart’ and ‘start’-‘stop’, but now I see what I was missing :slight_smile:

Is it clearer with this change? https://github.com/regisb/tutor/commit/11a0c082ce4108b4f1ef174b0a0178ef3883bd12