Unable to run tutor quickstart

I am trying to run local tutor quick start which was working fine till Friday all of a sudden i get the following error.

One of your plugins is modifying lms.env.json, and the patch is not properly formatted as json.

Hi @regis ,

May have a small function to validate json after saved configuration. It’s easier for someone who is newbie with tutor. What’s your thought?

I’ve been thinking for a long time about a “tutor-doctor” plugin that would diagnose and report frequent issues… Something like:

$ tutor doc diagnose
Checking port 25 is open... 🗸
Checking "lms.mydomain.com" resolves to this server IP... 🗸
Checking lms.env.json validity... X
Checking cms.env.json validity... 🗸

But I did not take the time to implement that. Maybe we should do that during a livestream?

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yeah, it does not take time. Doing it while livestream that’s great idea!