Unable to login to Admin site after fresh Juniper install

I am not sure if this is an OpenEdx error or a Tutor error or user error :slight_smile:

Steps I followed.

  • Followed all install steps
  • Created Superusers using the createuser command. It showed user created successfully.
  • I browsed to the admin page and tried login in using the same user/password combination

I always get ā€œPlease enter the correct username and password for a staff account. Note that both fields may be case-sensitiveā€

However, the superuser is able to login to the LMS & CMS sites without errors.

In the admin, did you remember to use your username, and not your email? This is a common mistake.

Sure, did try without the password. Did not work.

Then I created a new Superuser and restarted the server and it worked.