Tutor v3.8.0 release


Today was released v3.8.0 of tutor. This is not a release with earth-shattering changes, but it includes many bug fixes and some breaking changes in how tutor dev works.


I would like to give special thanks to a couple users who have provided great feedback, and even some pull requests: @luisc09, @cacciaresi, adrian-marcelo-gallardo, Miu-Catalin, @carlos-wong. Thank you!


As usual, all changes can be found in the tutor changelog. I would just like to highlight the fact that the development commands no longer run as they used to. Previously, the same docker image was being used both for running a platform and for local development. This was the cause of a few more or less important issues:

  • Development images lacked useful development tools, such as vim, ipython, ipdb.
  • Production images included useless development requirements, such as the django debug toolbar.
  • Mounting an external edx-platform repo was taking a long time, especially on Mac OS.
  • There was a major bug that prevented using bundled assets when mounting a separate edx-platform repo.

Now, there is a dedicated docker image for development. This image is not available for download. Instead, you should build it yourself, as indicated in the docs:

tutor images build openedx-dev

The tutor dev watchthemes has been refactored, and you should instead now use tutor dev run watchthemes (see the docs).

Finally, this release comes with many bug fixes for the ecommerce and discovery plugins.

That’s it for today!


Thanks for your excellent and revolutionary exploration in the world that is Open edX deployment. Looking forward to a deep dive in the changelog. :call_me_hand:t2:

Is it possible to upgrade from version 3.7 to the new version (3.8) with all the new changes?

Hi @iwebhost4u! Yes, all tutor releases can be upgraded to the latest version: https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/install.html#upgrading

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