Tutor upgradation

I have tutor 10.2.2 to v12.0.4 with out losing data

I found various way to upgrade which way you will suggest

  1. Tutor local quickstart
  2. tutor local upgrade --from=koa
  3. curl -L “https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/releases/download/v12.0.2/tutor-$(uname -s)_$(uname -m)” -o /home/app/bin/tutor
    tutor images build openedx
    tutor local start

FYI I have build my instances using docker component not using tutor command
ex: alias abc=“docker-compose -f $TUTOR_ROOT/env/local/docker-compose.yml --project-name abc”
and abc up --remove-orphans -d
Thank you in advance

also can i know is there any courses or seminars going on regarding tutor

The upgrade process is described here: Install Tutor — Tutor documentation

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