Tutor project management

In order to track progress and better coordinate, I have started organizing Tutor-related tasks in a single Github project: Tutor project management · GitHub

In particular, I added a “Waiting for review” column to list pull requests that are in need of review by @developers. cc @BbrSofiane @pcliu – since you are the only two other members of this team :slight_smile: I understand that it might be difficult for you to review all PRs in a timely manner. I’m open to suggestions to modify the reviewing process: should we bring more people to the team? Should we organize synchronous meetings during which we look at every pull request pending a review?

The “Backlog” column contains issues that should eventually be addressed. The “good first issue” tag is added to issues that can be processed by first-time contributors.

What do you think @maintainers? How can we better coordinate? I’m all ears :ear:


Hi regis, it’s a good idea to organize review tasks with github project. I have always missed the github notifications :sweat_smile: It may be difficult for me to attend the synchronous review meeting regularly, but I do think the “Waiting for review” column will help.

I agree that synchronous meetings might be difficult to organize. What kind of notification do you prefer? (email/discourse/slack/telegram…) Would it be convenient for you to configure an email filter to highlight messages that include the “@overhangio/tutor-developers” string?

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I think it’s better to create a slack org for tutor.

Ok @nadheemabdulla, let’s ask other maintainers :slight_smile: How do you feel about using a dedicated “Tutor Maintainers” private channel in the Open edX Slack workspace? The idea would be to use it for quick back-and-forth exchanges on specific issues. It should allow us to have synchronous conversations without the pain of scheduling meetings long in advance.

  • Yes, awesome, I’m in!
  • Meh… do we really have to?
  • No, I hate Slack

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Feel free to add your comments below.

I’m not against having a private slack channel but I’m not sure I understand what problem it would solve.

Personally, for reviewing tutor PRs I just need to plan some time weekly to do it. I think it’s just about time allocation.

A synchronous meeting once in a while (every open edx release?) would nice to just chat and see everyone :slight_smile: .