Tutor login fail in new version

Yesterday i had setting new version of openedx. But when i login, my website said:


I have check my account in database, it was correct, but i still can not login.Somebody can help me? I can’t fix it. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the issue report. Is it working when you run with tutor local launch instead of tutor dev launch?

EDIT: your issue is caused by the fact that enterprise integration is explicitely enabled in development by edx-platform. I opened a PR for a fix here: Regisb/olive fixes by regisb · Pull Request #759 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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Hello, sorry off topic, how did you get that theme and what is it’s name?.

i just run tutor dev quickstart

sorry i dont know. I just setup tutor nightly and ran it. Do u know tutor nightly?

yes, I have to know the tutor nightly very well if u facing issue so u can ask me.
we are using nutmeg and olive release with a tutor but when u need to install your tutor with the master branch u can install using nightly.

u can use tutor with nutmeg as well as olive release and so on. below is all tutor release

nightly :

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