Tutor k8s deployment mongodb password

When is set mongodb user and password with tutor config save command it will add “@” to my password in k8s deployments.yml . for example when i set my external mongodb password

$ tutor config save --set MONGODB_PASSWORD="abc"

and then i check $(tutor config printroot)/env/k8s/deployments.yml i will see

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: forum
    app.kubernetes.io/name: forum
      app.kubernetes.io/name: forum
        app.kubernetes.io/name: forum
        - name: forum
          image: docker.io/overhangio/openedx-forum:11.2.11
            - containerPort: 4567
            - name: SEARCH_SERVER
              value: "http://elasticsearch:9200"
            - name: MONGODB_AUTH
              value: "user:abc@"

Why this happened ?
And when i run tutor k8s quickstart i will get an error in forum-job

Mongo::Auth::Unauthorized: User user is not authorized to access cs_comments_service.

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The MONGODB_AUTH variable is actually different from MONGODB_PASSWORD. It is defined such that the mongodb url that the forum connects to is “mongodb://$MONGODB_AUTH$MONGODB_HOST:$MONGODB_PORT/cs_comments_service” (Source: tutor/docker-entrypoint.sh at master · overhangio/tutor · GitHub)

The actual error is pretty clear:

It looks like “user” does not have access to the “cs_comments_service” collection. Are you quite sure that you are able to authenticate with this user and access this collection?


Thanks a lot @regis ,
You helped me to resolve this issue. But actually i want to use our mongoDB cluster as a shared database for multiple openedx organization (multi site) , so i lunched two different edx org with tutor on different namespaces in kuberntes cluster and configure different mongo database name for each edx org, but both needs to have cs_comments_service database and it is hard coded as you mentioned before . Is there any config that i can use to set for different (mongo cs_comments_service database name) edx ORGs ?

@imantaba you are absolutely right that it is currently not possible to manually define the forum database name to anything different from cs_comments_service. This is an issue. Would you like to open a PR to address this, or let one of the @developers do it?

EDIT: I created a corresponding issue here The Mongodb database name of the forums is hardcoded and cannot be modified · Issue #449 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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