Tutor installation fail

Hi all,
I tried installing tutor from AWS marketplace place but it crushed.

The connection was terminated during installation. I was following the installation video on YouTube.

The installation process ran for about an hour before terminating with “connection lost”. The Internet speed at that time was as attached “tutor issue”.

. How much Internet speed is required?

I have tried changing connections but all I get is a message stating the connection is taking to long.
I have tried various Internet connections but to no avail.

Kindly advice how to proceed.

In my experience, if you running just for test and development on a cloud provider.

2 CPUs
8 GB RAM # or more
30 GB SSD storage
3 TB data transfer

Of course It depends on your data transfer. But for test and development, I think that’s should be enough.

I don’t think I can ever achieve 3 TB data transfer

I mostly using Digitalocean with same configurations…Ubuntu 18 or 20 LTS, and It works without any problem, but RAM is important due to migrations…