Tutor images build openedx-dev

The following command hangs at create user:

tutor images build openedx-dev
Step 10/11 : RUN create-user.sh $USERID
 ---> Running in 3d8cf9ea7868
Creating 'openedx' user with id 1000

I tried waiting 2 hours !

When I comment chown command from create-user.sh it works fine, but without that it won’t be useful.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Hi @naresh21! Can I ask what kind of platform you are running? (Linux, Mac OS…)
Also, what kind of hard disk/SSD do you have?

Note that you can skip the chown step by setting the USERID=0 build argument:

tutor images build --build-arg USERID=0 openedx-dev

Hi @regis, I’m using Linux.
Yess I am able to skip that step by passing USERID=0 and it works fine without chown.

Thanks …