Tutor eCommerce Plugin

Hi Regis,

Thanks for all the hard work! In regards to the eCommerce plugin, how do we configure it? Do we follow the official edX documentation to configure it or what do we do after we enable the plugin.

Could you give a bit more details in terms of how to properly enable and configure it? The plugin instruction page says one should install Tutor from the source and Tutor installation guide states that using binary version is recommended. I’m a bit confused.

Hi @iwebhost4u! You raise a good point, the ecommerce plugin docs is somewhat incoherent. I’ll try to address that. Let me clarify:

  1. You may use the tutor binary to run the ecommerce plugin, as they come bundled together. To do so, you only need to run tutor plugins enable discovery ecommerce.
  2. If you choose to install tutor from source, then you will also need to install the ecommerce plugin from source, with pip install tutor-ecommerce.

Then, for configuring the plugin, you should only need to properly set the ECOMMERCE_PAYMENT_PROCESSORS, as documented in the plugin readme. You are pretty much on your own for finding out the exact values, and should follow the official documentation: https://edx-ecommerce.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Note that you might be interested in this other ongoing conversation about ecommerce configuration: Ecommerce Plugin 500 Error On Fresh Setup

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Thanks for your response, Regis!
I can figure out the values but where or how do I locate the ecommerce-config.yml file? I was a bit lost on that as I read the plugin readme. Also, in the plugin readme, is that all the details for PayPal or one has to figure out the additional parameters?

You don’t. Instead, you just set the proper value for ECOMMERCE_PAYMENT_PROCESSORS from the command line (see plugin readme).

It should be the only required parameters, but to be honest I didn’t try.

Ok, I will try that and give you a feedback.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Regis,

PayPal works for me now and I was able to make a transaction, though I had to use my PayPal live client id and client secret because the sanbox credentials wasn’t allowing me to login to PayPal. My next step is to get the verification process completed…my computer couldn’t capture my face and my ID card but thanks for your help on the plugin issue.

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