Tutor Ecommerce: AuthTokenError Invalid issuer

I try to install tutor-ecommerce plugin, buy when I logged in I’ve got an “AuthTokenError: Token error: Invalid issuer”

Hope anyone help me!! Thanks

Hi @vndee! Which version of tutor are you running? Can you please describe exactly the actions that you are doing and that lead to this error?

Tutor version: 3.12.3
I followed installation instruction from: https://github.com/overhangio/tutor-ecommerce
I got this error when I opened: http(s)://ecommerce.<yours lms host>.
I’ve just install again and got another problem:

Hi @vndee! Can you please check if v0.1.13 of the ecommerce plugin fixes this issue?

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It’s good for my case, thanks for your hard-work.

Hello Sir. I’m encountering the same problem. How do i upgrade the ecommerce plugin to v0.1.13 since the latest version of Tutor doesn’t have this version