Tutor binary and Python plugins


I tried creating a Python Tutor plugin* using cookiecutter. I then installed it with pip install -e ./tutor-contrib-myplugin. It succeeded and it appears in pip list. However it does not appear in tutor plugins list.

I’m using the Tutor binary. Is it the reason it doesn’t find my plugin? Is there a way of making it find it, or do I need to install Tutor (and all plugins) via pip?

I searched the docs and the forum and didn’t find any information about this.

* I really wanted to create a YAML plugin with a templates section, but I couldn’t get that to work at all.

Hi @obscherler,

pip install -e ./tutor-contrib-myplugin

please reboot your server, than you can see your custom plugin in the list.

sudo reboot

tutor plugins list

tutor plugins enable myplugin

tutor config save

tutor local quickstart

Thank you, but rebooting is not the issue.

I see and understand that. It’s not good answer
but Yaml plugins takes effect after installation. But custom Python plugins needs reboot server, after first installation. After that all custom plugins will appear in the plugins list. Off course it’s my experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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